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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  May 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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bethesda. >> reporter: well, you know what, with soel many combinatios in play, the odds are that thert is a winner tonight. we'll have those winning six numbes for you in just a minutem but i can tell you i'm here at a tal bert's ice and beverage and customers have been in and out all day for winning this. it is the largest powerballbal jackpot in history. take that look. >> this is the first time i bought a ticket in years. >> reporter: a 600 million-dollar jackpot is hard toll reresist. powerball is play in 43 states in the district of columbia andi the customers have been lining up. >> two bucks, i bought five anda my husband bought five. >> reporter: if a winning ticken is sold, the cash option is estimated at more than $376 million and enough to inspire good luck rituals from both from the chers and clerks. chris right size he purchased 1100 tickets. >> one is the winner.
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>> reporter: part of a pool between dozens of friends on facebook. >> the only thing we agree on is we'll show a huge party. p that's about it. after that, who knows. >> reporter: the odds of hitting jackpot are 1 in 175 million. some admit the chances are slim. >> i don't thing i'll win that's, but every time it getss over some huge amount, i buy 20. >> reporter: but others are optimistic. >> of course, item confident. >> this is the lucky place. >> reporter: one man was even making predictions. >> guess who i think, really, the camera man. >> reporter: he did play andd p he's checking his ticket rightet now because we have the winning number wseses, 22-10-13-14-52 and the powerball is 11. so don, are you a winner? >> no but i'll tell you what, he played in the office pool sol s
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maybe that means we're lucky. >> sitting and hollering from downstairs, sorry. >> reporter: thanks very much wr lauren. the knew edge continues, nearly 60 people are hurt after an elderly driver crashed into a crowd near the tennessee state line. the driver came barreling into the crowd, pinning some people p underneath the vehicle. tonight several people are in critical condition.ic the driveral may have suffered a medical emergency. also in virginia the state republican party nominated ken coonenelli. he received a warm welcome in richmond and will face the t democrat for two races this year. he thanked supporters and promised a business friendly administration that respects the >> do we want a governor who undermines our right to work laws or a governor who stands up
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for freedom against union bosses? >> he was unopposed for the nop nation. at 44 years old he becomes the t republican nominee in virginia since governor -- noacial governor george allen 20 yearse2 tbai go. thee on dc, where anotherthr council member has officially announce he will run. ward district tommy wells gathered in northeast to lawrnlg his campaign for mayor. m >> reporter: arrive on a metro bus, council member tommy wellsw was greeted by supporters as heh stood in the rain. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: the kick-off rallye was held at ka place called the starburst where several wards w come together in northeast. n >> i'm announcing i am officially running to be mayorr of our great city, washington, d.c. applause. >> reporter: if elected he will bele the first white mayor of te
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district. restoring ethics is a top priority and refusing to take corporate campaign contributions. >> residents like us are concerned about the future off washington because we've had a crisis of ethics down at the wilson building. people are concerned people area working for corporations with c special interests aornd not for us. >> reporter: since he announce a his exploratory committee formit mayor a couple of months ago, he has visited every ward in the city and talked to residents all over. since then, he has come up with three major goals that he says he will accomplish if he becomes mayor. first wellses wants to cut juvenile crime in half in two yearses. second, he wants to give everyee family in dc the opportunity to have a good school within walkable distance their homes and thirdly, he wants to build a great public transit system. >> i'm excited about tommy being a candidate. he will bring integrity to our r
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government. >> reporter: but the field could be crowded for wells. just last month, another council member announced her bid. >> i hear your calls for change. i share your desire to move forward. so today, with you, i announce that i will run to be the next mayor of the district of columbia. >> reporter: the big question,si will mayor gray run for re-election? he remains under federaler investigation and flee mccain m workers from his last mccaint from mayor were charged with crimes but when asked but a reporter this week about entering the race, gray said own this. >> we are continuing, we're continuing on the pace that we t were on. >> reporter: others are expecte to join wells and bowser in thee race for mayor but the clock is ticking. the pray they'rthe primary elecs scheduled in less than a >> this is an awesome city we'll build together so let's start today.
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>> that was fox 5 mat ak clr in reporting. >> dwen is up nexgwenn is up ne. >> we'll have details on what wa everybody can expect and a lookl at that all-important seven-day forecast forecast. we'll be back. did we get it? got it. yes! ♪ how do i make it stronger? [ male announcer ] when you've got fios quantum, you get america's fastest, most reliable internet. hey, so where's the big project? ...huh. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ male announcer ] technology that makes you feel superhuman... where do i sign in? [ male announcer ] that's powerful.
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>> lots of clouds today and take a look at what's coming our way. some of you got a little driz,r, maybe the odd light shower into the course of this evening as w and that is what we'll deal with as this moisture continues to move its way up the mid atlantic. we have an easterly flow coming on shore with a whole lot of things going on that will set the stage for some wet weather over the course of the next few days. so just be prepared and we'll see some of this starting to move its way into the course of tonight as well with clouds and
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fog. temperatures well below what they were yesterday, 67 degrees at regan international airport, 68 at dulles and 67 at bwi. we should be for the season s average into about the mid 70ss or so but no such luck with that today. currently it's 61 in dc, the same in quantico, manasis at 61, 59 at popular, the same at frederick, 67 at coal pepper and 61 to the west at cumberland.rl so we'll keep an eye on this thi system but wee know we'll have h to deal with the well weather. it's moving to the north and stalling out with a stationer front but will change to a warm front but with the course of of tonight and tomorrow, fog. expect the showers to be more wide spread as we move into the course of tomorrow. t not a sunny day. d no sunshine. 60 for tonight, fog, driz. dri , overnight showers, tomorrow ao high of 70, winds will pick up from the southeast, 10 to
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15 miles per hour. it will be a mild day but keep the umbrella handy. in fact, you'll have to keep iti handy into the course of the week because look at the unsellinged weather pattern. by monday we're talking a chance of thunderstorms at 80 degrees. we heat up to the mid to upper 80s by the time we get into hump day and into the course of the later part of the week things just start to even out but the thunderstorms are definitelyre going to be d around. let's check in with laura and maureen. >> thank you, gwenn. g one last time, the power dawl numbers 92-10-13-14-52 and the powerball is 99. 911. 9111. >> that does it.t thbs for joining us. keep it right here. sports extra is three minutes away. ♪
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,overnight showers, tomorrow a
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